We understand that dental pain and complications do not always occur during regular business hours.  And more often than not, patients find themselves enduring the pain through the entire process of booking an appointment, waiting for the appointment date to arrive, and traveling to the dental office.  This is why some patients might choose an Emergency Room visit as a faster form of relief.


However, ER visits are not only a painfully high expense, they are not always necessary.


Direct Teledent's online, virtual consults were created with patients' in mind, as a way to ease those inconveniences and provide faster access to a licensed dentist. 

With 35 years of experience, our board-certified dentists offer a full scope of General and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Now, with the opportunity to serve patients virtually, the Direct Teledent dentists will expand their already exceptional services to include convenience and peace of mind.  Because when you have a dental concern or are experiencing pain, direct access to a licensed dentist is the fastest form of relief.

And our virtual consultations are affordable and won't cause added pain to your wallet.

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"TeleDentistry is enhancing the patient experience by placing a dentist at your fingertips."



Emergency Dentistry

With current Covid-19 concerns, our virtual consults are an added protection to maintain the safety and health of your family. 

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